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Skin Care 101


Hi all! Happy THURSDAY!!! It is raining here in Chicago…again, but luckily, I have chocolate to help keep me going!

Skin care- one of my favorite topics to learn about and explore! Like most of the global population, my skin incurred some difficulties throughout high school & college due to hormones, diet and just overall hygiene. A few years ago, I decided to dive deep into researching what kind of skin I have, what makes my skin breakout and which products were the best to use. Throughout my research, I discovered 1) that my skin is sensitive (not surprising), 2) many common skincare brands use harsh chemicals that can damage skin, and 3) certain foods can contribute to acne.

Upon arriving (for the first time) at the dermatologist’s office during my junior year of college, I discovered that I had mild-severe hormonal acne. During this time, my confidence was at an all-time low as the acne had left scars on different sections of my face. The dermatologist prescribed a medication and acne lotion, which I recommend if nothing over-the-counter works.

After the dermatologist, I headed to Sephora, where I discovered the brand Caudalie (a.k.a. THE BEST BRAND OF ALL TIME)!!!!!!! The beautician stated that Caudalie uses natural ingredients and is used for sensitive skin, something that I was seeking. I started with the radiance serum (which helps to reduce the appearance of dark marks) and the milk cleanser (which I used after washing my face with Cetaphil for extra hydration).

Throughout reading about hormonal acne, I read that dairy can contribute to breakouts (although for many people it does not). I decided to cut drinking milk out of my diet (though I still indulge in some cheese, ice cream and half n half on an occasional basis)… I can say though, that cutting milk out of my diet has significantly helped in reducing the number of hormonal breakouts on my skin.

My skincare regimen:

Before washing:

1). Cetaphil cleansing wipes (to remove makeup off)

During washing:

2) Cetaphil cleanser with a type of cleansing brush

3) After Cetaphil, I use a heavier moisturizing cleanser (like Caudalie Milk Cleanser)

After washing:

4) Micellar water (to remove any access makeup)

5) Toner (to tighten pores)

6) Serum (radiance, hyaluronic acid, or Vitamin C- for moisture)

7) Moisturizer (with SPF)

**I acknowledge that this is A LOT and a bit extra, but I have come to respect the importance of each individualized step and I am proud to say that my skin is in the best condition it has ever been in!!

(LOCAL BUSINESS ALERT: The other day, Chicago Health Foods was hosting a “customer appreciation day”. Two samples that I received was a natural deodorant and a Vitamin C serum from Margc Cherry. Her products smell like candy and work wonders, below is her website and instagram)!!

Margc Cherry 


Instagram: @margccherry


“It’s not hoarding if it’s skincare” – Unknown

-The Urban Woman