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Stay Curious


Hi all, I hope this post finds you well!

Shortly after I moved to Chicago, I took my driver’s test to receive a City of Chicago driver’s license. After forgetting a document, having a public meltdown and having to go back twice…I PASSED!! One of the MAIN items I was looking forward to after receiving my plastic card, was FREE ADMISSION to various city museums on Tuesdays!

A downside to this program is that many of the museums only hold hours until 4:00 or 5:00 pm, which is when most individuals gets off of work. One museum that holds such hours is the International Museum of Surgical Science.

I have been DETERMINED to visit this museum on a free admission day for months and today I made that dream come true. Due to my nerdy nature, I researched the museum before my visit and learned that it was once home to Eleanor Robinson Countiss. The museum is a City of Chicago Landmark and is one of the few remaining lakefront mansions in Chicago (truly spectacular).

If you ever find yourself visiting this museum, be sure to pay attention to the photographs placed next to each room (they show what the room used to look like when Eleanor used to live there). Another item to keep watch for is the Apothecary (located on the first floor), which features an 1890-inspired pharmacy (it gave me major “The Devil in the White City” vibes).

All in all, the museum visit was a success as I learned things I never knew and had the chance to walk away with a new perspective.


The weather in Chicago has been extremely funky, with today being a mix of semi-cold, humid, and warm air. As jeans were too tight and not happening, I decided to wear a pair of green pants with a black ruffled shirt (both were lightweight, flexible and from Zara). With accessories, I wanted to be bold and decided to wear a green Zara purse with a pair of 1990-inspired earrings I created (I acknowledge that almost every item I wore today was from Zara). I have found that when I wear vibrant colors, I feel more confident, which helped show the various skeletons around the museum that I was in fact..not afraid of them.

Never stop being curious of the things that surround you, challenge your mind to learn even more!

-The Urban Woman

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