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A New Approach

IMG_3177“Bridging the gap between bargain hunting and style”- This is my new approach, my new “live by” motto for this blog.

Throughout high school and college, my go-to shopping destinations were consignment stores within my hometown. It was within these stores, that I discovered designer apparel for the same price as a shirt from J. Crew. Through bargain hunting I found my first Lily Pulitzer shirt and cashmere sweater for under $30.00. Thrilled at my incredible finds, I told all of my friends and found that so many of them did not know what a consignment store was. When asked if they would shop with me, they became hesitant to go as the stores featured “pre-owned” items (eye roll).

To analyze this thought process- when one goes to a retail store and buys an article of clothing, they are most likely purchasing something that another individual had already touched or tried on. In reality (unless you are a germaphobe), there should be no reason to avoid shopping at a consignment store. Buying used clothes does not make you less of an individual or place you at the bottom of the societal totem pole, it simply means that you are a smart shopper. 

Please do not get me wrong, I purchase articles of clothing that are not pre-owned often (cough, Zara), but I find myself traveling to consignment stores when I want to find less “trendy” and more “classic” pieces at an affordable price.

What I would like to show individuals within my newly -revamped- blog is that you can still maintain a sense of style while shopping smart. The purpose of this blog is to show women of all ages that you can appear as though you just walked out of Barney’s catalog while still maintaining a budget.

It is our time to embrace who we are, own the runways of everyday life AND SHINE!!!!!!!

-The Urban Woman

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