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Casino Hotels ~ A Discovery of Art & Beauty


Before traveling, my preconceived notions of Las Vegas were created from many Hollywood films (yes, sorry). After exploring the strip and wandering from casino to casino, those preconceived notions were mostly shattered. Upon exploring the immensely large buildings, I was filled with utter amazement and fascination at the different artwork and displays held (ex. Popeye by Jeff Koons). After studying art history throughout college and continuing to be an art nerd, I was immediately lured to continue through the various halls to discover even larger displays. To say the least, I have thoroughly enjoyed this city and what it has to offer. If ever in Las Vegas, I highly recommend ditching the itinerary and wandering aimlessly through each casino and discovering the astounding beauty.

FASHION- Upon arriving in Las Vegas, the sun has shined and the temperature has consistently been in the upper 80s (Chicago- step up your game). This warm weather has actually allowed me to 1) receive a tan line and 2) breakout my summer wardrobe (GASP). While (not knowingly) walking 4.5 miles throughout the day, I wore a new Zara dress (shocking), my platform sneakers and a vintage purse. This outfit to me, allows one to dress quite comfortable (the dress featured shorts underneath), while also exemplifying poise and “hip” style.

“Style is saying who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

-The Urban Woman

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